We have been closely and diligently following the events unfolding in Venezuela in recent weeks. The institutional conflict that arose from the polarisation of the Venezuelan society has led to a political crisis in the country. This development may potentially have global repercussions.

As the Republican People’s Party, we consider it to be more appropriate to work on a roadmap that will allow Venezuela to solve its problems internally by democratic means rather than side with or against Maduro. In that regard, we believe that Turkey must adopt a solution-focused approach and work with a view to establishing relevant mechanisms to that end.

To help solve the crisis and contribute to the well-being and peace of the Venezuelan people:

1. Turkey must use a political rhetoric that is conciliatory, not polarising,

2. Turkey must adopt a perspective to maintain a long-term friendship with Venezuela,

3. Turkey must recommend an election process on which both sides in Venezuela will agree,

4. Foreign countries should not be allowed to interfere in the domestic affairs of another country. We cannot expect the problems in Venezuela to be solved with the help of a country or group of countries that call for foreign intervention. Foreign interventions would not bring well-being or peace to the people of Venezuela but would instead worsen the situation in the country by meddling in its internal affairs in anti-democratic ways.